Reformation 500

The church has finished its nine days of special events during Reformation Week, to remember and inform about the Reformation that started 500 years ago, in the city where the Counter Reformation started. The exhibition and conferences during the week did not have large attendances, but they were what we were expecting for such events. Then on Sunday over 300 people from various evangelical churches in northern Italy came together in one of the cinemas in town for the Reformation Day service. After lunch, we from Trento gave a guided tour of the city, emphasising the significant buildings of the Council of Trent, also to help our visitors to pray for the city. We then all ended up in the square in front of the church where the working meetings of the Council were held and the decisions taken, to conclude with another prayer. Weaving through the crowd there was a red thread, to symbolise our connection with the Reformation and with the believers of the past, on which people had attached notes with what they thought would change the world in the future and what they would do about it – a new 95 thesis for a new situation.

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