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Public evangelism

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

There are a few evangelistic events coming up in the church that you could pray for:

1. Kids Club, the evangelistic program for children, has a new focus, and will be concentrating on the town of Lavis (the town next to Trento where we and many of the church live), getting involved in the official activities of the town. The first step will be games in the park (including an Easter Egg hunt) this Saturday afternoon.

2. The church musicians have a Easter concert in a coffee shop on Friday night, and in church on Saturday night.

3. There will be a Pakistan church service next Friday (Good Friday), not only for the Pakistani in our and other churches, but also for their friends and contacts.

Back to the real world

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

This morning I took my in-laws to the airport, for the end of their three week stay at Trento. It was like a much needed holiday for us, as they looked after the house and especially the twins. It meant that Pinuccia could do a lot of study for the exam for her work which is coming up, and I could do more than the bare minimum of my work. In particular, I was able to move forward in some of my projects for, including releasing a new version of the program for Windows which had been sitting on my computer for a couple of months. But now I can hear someone crying, so it is time to see if they are hungry or tired or want to play…