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Sunday, December 21st, 2014

We have just finished packing and getting ready for our big adventure. Tomorrow morning we leave for Sicily, a trip of 1500km and a sea crossing which we will be doing in two days. Although we have made this trip many times, including with a two month old, it is of course the first time that we have done it with two two month old babies, plus a couple of other children. We will be trying to synchronise feeding times and rest stops for everybody, which sounds like a good plan but whether it comes about is another matter entirely. The reason of course is our extended family: they all want to see the twins, and in any case it is 18 months since we have been to Sicily and might be another 18 months before we can go again. As well as this, there will be the wedding of the first of Pinuccia’s niblings to get married, who will be living 500 metres away from us at Trento. After 11 intense days in Sicily, there will be another 2 day trip back, with a rest day before going back to school and the restart of the church activities.

A day in church

Monday, December 8th, 2014

Yesterday we had our first whole day out together. It did not start well, as we forget the babies’ bag with everything they need to survive more than a couple of hours, so I had to go back home to get it before arriving in church almost an hour late. Apart from that, Mattia and Luca went well: when they were not being passed around everyone in the church, they just slept quietly in a corner in their double stroller.

The reason for this long day was the monthly lunch after church, which this time included the Sunday School’s work to raise funds for a school in India – they made and served crepes for everybody, which kept us all busy. Then there was a quick clean up and transformation of the hall, followed by a surprise 50th birthday party for one of the church members. Apart from the long day, there was a lot of eating that day!

An event to pray for this week is the next edition of Kids Club, the children’s evangelistic program, which will be on Saturday afternoon, thinking especially of Christmas.