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More baptisms

Monday, September 29th, 2014

It was another wonderful afternoon on Sunday, with four baptisms from the church at Trento. This time we went to a park next to a lake, where there was lots of space to mingle with the others and celebrate this time together. In fact there were more than 100 adults, from Trento, the church at Rovereto, a lot of Africans as one of the people baptised is from there, as well as other Christians from around the province and friends and relatives. It was also great that it was the day that the missionary pastor until 1998, and who was my mentor as a young missionary at Trento, visited the church. We could remember all of God’s work in the church over the decades, as we looked forward to the new life in these people as well.

This week Pinuccia spent three days at the hospital. Not because there were any problems, in fact she felt worse after the stay there than before, since sleeping was even harder in a ward with new born babies and women in labour. Instead, the time in hospital was for some more serious check-ups and treatments. The conclusion was that she and the children are still a lot better than they should be, given the size of the belly, so the doctors decided to not even bother with next week’s check-up, but to wait until at least the 9th before dong anything.

That's 32.5 weeks

That's 32.5 weeks

Normal and special

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

The usual activities are getting back to normal, with the first Sunday School lesson last week and the first Bible study this week. At the same time, there are some important events in the church coming up, especially next Sunday afternoon the baptism of four people, who are courageously going to the lake – the water will not be too warm!

Similarly, the family is returning to a rhythm, with school having started, and the after school activities (modern dance, music, and theatre for Stefania; handball and chess for Daniele) starting up in this period. Also there is of course another special event, with Pinuccia having some treatments this week to get prepared for the birth, which could be in early October. Almost there.

New Year

Monday, September 8th, 2014

In the northern hemisphere, the summer is in the middle of the year, and in September we get back to the normal life. This week is the big week for restarting. School starts on Wednesday for Stefania and Daniele, which means the Sunday School as well on the 14th. Yesterday we started the signing up process for the small groups in the church, and the ones I am involved in will be starting next week or the one after. Back to our regular programming. Although it will not be so normal for us this year, as at the check-up last week Pinuccia and the twins were all well, but Pinuccia is getting rather big (especially with respect to her usual size). So the doctor is thinking of bringing the birth forward a couple of weeks, sometime between the 19th and October 12th. We are getting close.