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Kids’ Club goes public

Sunday, June 29th, 2014

The Kids’ Club, our evangelistic program for children, went public yesterday for its second event. We set up in a large park next to a lake in one of the valleys, were a lot of families go in summer to get some relief from the heat. The weather was not as good as it could have been for this period, so there were not as many people there as we expected. On the other hand, a few invited friends came along, including one who wanted us to repeat the program in her town in the mountains. One of the highlights was seeing some teenagers dancing along with us in the playground – they were too old for the activities of the program, but the music was reaching them anyway. I’m also thankful for the creativity, courage, and service of the Kids’ Club organisers. Now it is time to think about the third edition of Kids’ Club, which will probably be after the summer.

Kids’ Club 2

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

Now I am back in Italy, more awake than I was in Australia – jetlag is less of a problem travelling west. It is good to be with the family again!

Today was the World Refugee Sunday of the World Evangelical Alliance. We celebrated by listening to the stories of the Pakistan refugees that God has entrusted to our church. I found it a very moving moment. We had prayed regularly for the persecuted church, and God responded sending the persecuted Christians to us so that we could help them practically.

This week’s big activity is the second edition of the Kids’ Club, an evangelistic program for children. This time we will be going public, doing it in a park next to a lake where a lot of people go on Saturday afternoons (weather permitting). Pray for the testimony, and give thanks for the great team that have put it all together.


Sunday, June 15th, 2014

My short time in Australia has come to an end, and in a couple of hours I will be flying home. It was good not only to see my mother, but to see her health improve a lot whilst I was here. Back in Italy, the summer school holidays have started, so it will be back to work having fun with the children for three months.

And we won 2-1.

B2, B3

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

Here I am in Australia now, enjoying some time with my family until next Sunday. The news from home is that Pinuccia is coping looking after with the family but is tired, the pregnancy is going well, and that she is expecting two boys. Now we can start thinking of names.