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Oz yes, Oz no, Oz yes

Friday, May 30th, 2014

As well as the change in plans caused by the upcoming twins, there has been a few more changes and much uncertainty since then. A few weeks ago my mother entered hospital with some serious health problems. So I am taking the opportunity of using my old ticket to go to Australia on Tuesday, although I will be going by myself and be away for just two weeks instead of 2.5 months. If anyone wants to meet up at Sydney during this time, let me know!

Pray for this time with my family, and for Pinuccia and the children (all four of them) – she will have a lot more to do in the house, and although she feels better now that she is in the fourth month of her pregnancy, she still gets very tired easily. We do have our niece staying with us, who is a help, although after 5 months looking for work she started a job today, from 2pm to 10pm, so her help will be limited. Just to make matters more complicated, our brother-in-law is also staying for a couple of weeks as well. It will also be a help that the summer school holidays start on the 12th, which means many school, church, and recreational activities are winding down, and there is less running around to do. On the other hand, I will be busy until the last moment. Sunday morning I will be going to the church at Rovereto to preach. Then quickly back home to change into my band uniform, for a concerto at 1.30pm. After that, we’ll be going to a church pizza night hosted by one of the families. Then on Monday, a public holiday, there will be a Sunday School excursion to the zoo near Verona all day. Somewhere in there I hope to be able to pack my bag as well.

Activity time

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

It was a very weekend on all fronts for me – church, family, and band. On Saturday afternoon there was a seminar on building up the community, especially on dealing with conflicts, followed by a worship evening with input on forgiveness. Then on Sunday morning there was the annual Sunday School presentation, for which I prepared the section for the older children, and helped Pinuccia to coordinate the three classes. It was fun teaching (with two others) the older class this year, and to prepare the presentation, as we were able to do lots of things in different ways, like create videos, listen to popular music, watch films and analyse them, walk around the city taking photos of wrong behaviour, etc.

But this is also the time of year when lots of organisations run activities. So this weekend there was a children’s festival in our town of Lavis, an expo with children’s activities in a town just down the road, and a festival in the area of Trento where the church hall is. So we had to be selective. The Lego and Star Wars (two of our children’s favourite activities put together) at the expo could not be missed, so that was squeezed into Friday evening between Daniele’s handball practice before, and -my band practice and a planning meeting for the next Kids’ Club after. The photography class for children at Lavis was good as well, and then the birthday party of one of Stefania’s friends took up Saturday afternoon (whilst I was in church). We wanted to go back to the expo for the chocolate demonstration on Sunday afternoon, but we had to give that one up, after staying late at the church picnic at the park with our friends. Instead on Sunday night there was a concert for me with the band.

End of year

Sunday, May 18th, 2014

For the past few years, May has been the most active month in the family, even more so now that Daniele is at school, as there are many end of school year activities. This week for example both children have school excursions, as well as a school festival. During the last week, Stefania had her end of year recital for dance (doing Cats), and Daniele a chess tournament. This year it is even more active, as Pinuccia has her regular check-ups, and both children a series of medical appointments as we slightly change their treatments. The fun part though is that there are also a lot more activities to do together as a family with the better weather, and lots of events are organised. More on those next week…

In the church, you could pray for the busy weekend coming up. On Saturday afternoon there is a training session on communication and conflict, that evening a praise night with input on forgiveness, and on Sunday after the service the annual Sunday School presentation and then lunch in the park together.

1, 2, 4

Monday, May 12th, 2014

Three has never been one of my favourite numbers, so we are skipping it. We are really happy that Pinuccia is pregnant, and we are taking the direct path to a bigger family – she is expecting twins (identical). They are due on November 19, but with twins it is likely that the birth will be some weeks earlier. There are some extra risks for her pregnancy, due to Pinuccia’s age and the fact that the twins share a placenta. So she will have to have a check-up every two weeks instead of the usual 2-3 months. The downside, due to these extra controls, is that we can not come to Australia next month as was planned. We have not thought yet about when we will come instead, our heads are too busy thinking about everything else. Stefania and Daniele are really excited about the new arrivals as well. If you want to know more, you can read all about it in my latest newsletter, which is at .

Go the bees!

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Lavis, where we live, is a small town on the outskirts of Trento. Officially, its population is 8636, but that is of the local area council, which includes a number of small villages on the outskirts of the town of Lavis. One of these villages is Pressano, which can not have more than a few hundred inhabitants. Despite this, it has one of the best teams in Italy at handball – that strange sport Australians only see at the Olympics. (This is in part because of good training of local people, but mostly because of a sponsor getting a lot of good players in, in the same way as Trento was world club champion at volleyball for four consecutive years from 2009.) Two years ago, Pressano was third in the Italian championship, and last year lost in the final. This afternoon there was the first leg of the semifinal against the reigning champions and superteam from down the road at Bolzano – they lost only one game from 16 in the regular season. Since today is a public holiday, and Daniele’s sport this year is handball with the Pressano team, we walked to the Lavis gymnasium to watch the game and support our team. (Pressano is so small, it does not even have a court or field for any sport.) This was Stefania and Daniele’s first experience at a sporting fixture. To our great pleasure, Pressano was victorious 23-21, but we will have to wait until the return match next Saturday to see if they will be in the final, in which case there will be a great celebration at Lavis. Go the bees!