In Croazia

The biennial conference that we were at last week was one of the more helpful for me for a while, mainly because the children are a bit older and a bit more autonomous, which meant that Pinuccia and I were a freer to participate and for relationships with the other missionaries. That was true especially in the first half of the week; in the last few days half the family was sick. But in between bouts of fever, head and throat aches, and vomits, Pinuccia and I managed to sneak out for 20 minutes to watch the sun set over the sea (one of Pinuccia’s favourite activities, as they get great sea sun sets near her home in Sicily) on Thursday, which was our 10th anniversary. Thanks also to the Australians who helped me out, babysitting sick children, giving romantic advice, and serenading us with beautiful songs in the background, whilst we sat watching the sun set. On the first evening, I won a free entry to the hotel’s saunas and spas, which Pinuccia enjoyed as an anniversary present. I’m thankful to God that the children loved the time here – Stefania would insist that she was not sick any more the moment she realised that the children’s program was about to start – and so pleasant to be with – we had some great family outings together in the spare time, at least until the illnesses started to take over.

This Saturday there is the fulfilment of Pinuccia’s 14 year old dream, to start a Kids’ Club. Pray for the team that is organising and running it, and for the children that will come. There is also a Pakistani service on Friday, so you could pray for the witness as well. Both are hoping to become monthly events in the future.

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