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More events

Sunday, April 27th, 2014

We are continuing with the extra events, that is normal for Spring time. On Friday there was a public holiday, which required a bit of juggling of my commitments. During the day many from the congregation went to a get together for various churches in northern Italy at a city 2.5 hours away. That night there was also a concert by the band at Lavis. I had calculated that the time might be tight, but I went for it, having warned the band that I might be late. I got home 8 minutes before the concert started, changed into my uniform and drove to the concert, and arrived 4 minutes after the start time – only to find that it must have been the first time an event in Italy had ever started on time. So I waited in the wings during the first song, and snuck on stage during the introduction of the second.

This week’s event is the Sunday School excursion, for the small and middle classes. Since the smaller children this year have been looking at the animals of the Bible (that is, the stories that the animals appear in), we will be going to the zoo which is about an hour south of Trento. The teachers will take the opportunity to reinforce the lessons, for example asking when we see the lions, “Who remembers what story the lions were in?”

Special events

Sunday, April 20th, 2014

This weekend there were two special events, that we hope will become regular (monthly?) happenings in the future. On Good Friday there was a church service for Pakistani. This is a development of what God has been doing in the church lately, bringing Pakistani Christians to us, so the service was for them, for other Pakistani at Trento, some from churches in other cities, as well as some from other countries that wanted to participate. Pray that we will continue to grow in our witness to Pakistani, as God leads us, to build up his church both here and in Pakistan.

The following day, there was the first meeting of the Kids’ Club, that a team of people in the church organized with Pinuccia. There are a lot of talented people in the church, who created a great program. The children in the church had invited their friends, and we had almost as many guests as children from the church, which is always a good objective. It was a good starting point, and we hope that even more come to the next meeting in a few months’ time.

In Croazia

Sunday, April 13th, 2014

The biennial conference that we were at last week was one of the more helpful for me for a while, mainly because the children are a bit older and a bit more autonomous, which meant that Pinuccia and I were a freer to participate and for relationships with the other missionaries. That was true especially in the first half of the week; in the last few days half the family was sick. But in between bouts of fever, head and throat aches, and vomits, Pinuccia and I managed to sneak out for 20 minutes to watch the sun set over the sea (one of Pinuccia’s favourite activities, as they get great sea sun sets near her home in Sicily) on Thursday, which was our 10th anniversary. Thanks also to the Australians who helped me out, babysitting sick children, giving romantic advice, and serenading us with beautiful songs in the background, whilst we sat watching the sun set. On the first evening, I won a free entry to the hotel’s saunas and spas, which Pinuccia enjoyed as an anniversary present. I’m thankful to God that the children loved the time here – Stefania would insist that she was not sick any more the moment she realised that the children’s program was about to start – and so pleasant to be with – we had some great family outings together in the spare time, at least until the illnesses started to take over.

This Saturday there is the fulfilment of Pinuccia’s 14 year old dream, to start a Kids’ Club. Pray for the team that is organising and running it, and for the children that will come. There is also a Pakistani service on Friday, so you could pray for the witness as well. Both are hoping to become monthly events in the future.


Saturday, April 5th, 2014

In a few hours’ time, the whole family will be going to Croatia for the biennial conference of the mission. Pray for a helpful time for us, and that we will be a help to others, and energy to get through it as we are all coming out of an extended period of sicknesses and tiredness.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the Pakistan member of the church here whose son had been kidnapped. The son was found a few days ago, but had been beaten up and left for dead on the side of the road. He is now in hospital in Pakistan. Continue to pray for him and his family.