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Leaders’ retreat

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

Next Saturday there will be the church’s first ever leaders’ retreat. It will be for the church committee (elder and deacons) and the leaders of the small groups (Bible study groups, young adults, youth, international and Sunday School). This actually leaves out quite a few people who serve in other ways, but despite that there will be 16 leaders present, together with their families. So it is a fairly large event for our church, which is an indication of how much the ministry of the church is spread out over the whole church. The aim is not so much to talk about our ministries and to plan, but more to talk about ourselves and how we are going as leaders. So please pray for this day together next Saturday.

On a more personal note, Pinuccia’s 18 year old nephew had a serious motorbike accident during the week. He is still in an induced coma, and will probably have an operation in the next few days, after which they will see if there was any permanent damage to the brain. Pray for him and his family (Pinuccia’s brother), and also for Pinuccia, who found it hard this week to be at Trento rather than in Sicily.

To Germany and back

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

Last week was mostly ECM work, with a trip to Germany to meet with the other leaders of the various countries to or from which the mission sends missionaries. It was for a week, but it is difficult for me to be away for so long due to Pinuccia’s work hours this year, so I had to miss the training half and was present only at the half with the meetings. I act as a kind of secretary for this group, making sure that the paperwork is done and that decisions are followed up on. I enjoy that sort of work, and the others are happy that I do it for them. Then when I returned on Saturday night, it was time to catch up on some family celebrations, as Stefania had turned eight whilst I was away. So she got two family parties (one on her birthday, one when I returned), which meant that she was not too upset about my absence!