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Training to change

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

This weekend was a big weekend of teaching and training put on by the Young Adults, but for everyone, with others both from our church and other churches attending. We were encouraged to go out as a church to witness to the world. I was very excited to see people reflecting and changing what they thought about the church, and wanting to do something as a result. The prayer now is that it will result in concrete action and changes to our witness as a church.

On Friday afternoon, just before this weekend’s activities started, the church had a stand in front of the government offices at Trento, to inform, protest and collect signatures for a petition for religious liberty in Pakistan. The immediate stimulus was of course what happened in Pakistan last week. But it was also the result of a commitment to the persecuted church that there has been in the congregation for many years, and in particular to Pakistan since the pastor that was forced to flee his country turned up at Trento a couple of years ago. Last month another Pakistani Christian ended up at Trento, and so in our church, after death threats had made have leave his country in a hurry. Pray also that our commitment to religious liberty, and especially to our persecuted brothers, will continue to be a voice in the city, and be a part of its transformation.

Party time

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

This has been and still is a long week-end of parties. First on Friday there was the birthday party of one of Stefania’s class mates, and on Monday there will be another one. On Saturday morning there was a beginning of year party in the school courtyard, and in the evening an almost surprise party for my round number. Sunday was the first day of the Sunday School after the summer break, so we had a traditional party to kick the year off. Although I did not actually participate, as the other teachers of my class and I took the 11-12 year olds outside for some group bonding activities. I am looking forward to the near year with them, after a difficult year last year. Only one person remains from last year’s group, and the new ones are more enthusiastic than the ones who moved to the teenagers’ group. Then in the afternoon there was a reunion party for the children’s camp that we ran in June. It was good to see almost all the children there, welcoming towards a few new people who were present, and enthusiastic to come to next summer’s camp – even though the majority where not from the church.


Sunday, September 8th, 2013

This week was the end of the transition period, with some activities which are normal during the year mixed with a few holiday activities. So Pinuccia started work on Monday – she was offered a job at a nearby school, which is good, but in the afternoon finishing at 5.30pm, which is not so good. On the other hand, we managed to go to a nearby lake on Saturday for the first time this summer, which will also be the last time as we will be busy with school and church commitments and the weather is rapidly moving towards autumn.

Next week, everything is back to normal:

- on Monday, the church year begins with a conference on revival in the Bible and history, with Chris Castaldo and Collin Hansen from America speaking to us

- on Tuesday, Pinuccia will be leading a meeting for the 10 Sunday School teachers (including myself)

- on Wednesday, Stefania and Daniele start school, and in the evening the weekly Bible study group that I lead begins

- on Thursday, there is a Celebration for me (a Significant Number this year)

- on Friday, band practice (my second one of the year)

- on Sunday, during the service in the morning the Sunday School restarts, and in the evening there will be a reunion for the children’s camp that we ran in June

Please pray for these activities, and for our getting back to ministry, work and schooling.