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New Year

Friday, August 30th, 2013

As we come to the end of August, it is time to concentrate on the preparation for the restarting of the church activities. I have sent out the six Bible studies that I prepared over the summer break to the small group leaders. I still have lots more to prepare, but I can work on those over the next few months. I will now be working on the enrolments for the groups, trying to get as many people as possible involved. There will be some other new things in the church this year, but I will wait a bit before working on them, and will let you know later.

When I said it is time to concentrate on this, it is relative to the available time, which is not at its maximum at the moment with the children still on holidays for another week and a half. Pinuccia however might be starting work (at a preschool) on Monday. “Might”, because she does not have a job yet. She was not offered anything this week, as she is not high enough on the list of relief teachers. Something will probably be offered at the beginning of next week, as has happened in past year. You could pray that she will get a good job, which will give her time for the family and ministry.

Preparing for home

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

We are preparing now to return home from our time in Sicily, with a two day car trip starting tomorrow. The first few days here were spent catching up on a year of sleep and winding down from the commitments at Trento, before being able to relax a bit, and doing new things. We have usually gone to the beach every 2 or 3 days (but only after 5pm, when it is not too hot), Stefania has discovered the pleasure of reading Mickey Mouse comics, and Daniele likes beating his grandfather and me at Sicilian card games. The last few days have been tiring again, as have been getting ready but especially catching up with everybody again to say goodbye to them. So after that and the trip, we will be looking forward to a rest at home! However, it will not be too long, as on Tuesday we leave again, for four days at the ECM-Italy prayer days. We will just have enough time to unpack and pack again!