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Finishing and starting projects

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

On Wednesday we will be going to Sicily for a few weeks – two days of travelling, including a couple of hours at Pompeii, since Stefania is interested in Roman history at the moment. Pray for the trip, and also for our time with Pinuccia’s family (and mine now too!).

I did make fairly good progress on the projects I was working on in the last couple of weeks, when there were less commitments at church, but more time doing things with the family. I have made a start preparing the Bible studies for next year – there is still a lot to do, but I am getting a good idea of how the studies will go. I also released two new versions of my Bible computer program, an update to the Android version and the first ever Macintosh version. Having done a lot of the “core” work for Macintosh, it will be a lot easier to create a version for iPad/iPhone, which is a lot more requested. I will basically just have to work on the interface, which will be my main computer project when I return from Sicily.

I was interested to read during the week that a commercial program had created a fund raising program for $28,500, to create a Macintosh version of their program, based on their existing iPad/iPhone version, so they too would just have to work on the different interface. And they will get revenue selling books for Macintosh. Whereas I will be doing almost the same thing for free. Actually, I don’t do it for free: I get paid by my financial supporters to do what the fund raising program and sales do for the commercial program. But it does put in perspective the value of my financial supporters, and makes me thankful for all the help I receive from those who freely donate, without receiving anything back (unlike those who give to the fund raising program, who do receive something), so that I can freely give in Italian what English speakers already have. So thanks to all me readers who financially support me as well!

This week there is an important event in the church to pray for (and that I will miss most of) – a week of evangelism with a team of 5 Dutch young people from Athletes in Action. They will be using sport to make contact with the youth at Trento. It will be important not only for the evangelism that will be done, but for the help given to our church. We hope it will be the beginning a new ministry in the church, that we can continue without the help of an outside team. Once again it is the young adults in our church who are the “engine”, going out in mission and doing things to help the whole church.