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Sign of the Times

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

For today’s Sunday School lesson (for 11 and 12 year olds), I pulled out my phone so as to read. (I rarely bring my printed Bible since the letters in it keep getting smaller and smaller.) Then one of the children pulled out her phone, and then another. So three out of four of us were reading the Bible from our phones. While this is getting fairly common in Bible study groups now, I had not experienced it before at Sunday School. Naturally, all three of us were using the program that I had written to read the Bible in Italian, so my work to distribute the Bible has now been extended even towards pre-teenagers.

End of year

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

We have arrived at the end of year rush already, with Stefania’s gymnastic recital last night. For the next month there will be the usual round of extra activities for the three schools (of Pinuccia and the children) and church. Pinuccia and I will be particularly busy finishing up the Sunday School, helping to organise the end of year presentation and the camp in June. There is a lot to do still for both.

In the meantime, I have finished preparing the Bible studies I have to give until the summer break. This will give me a bit more time, at least for the next couple of weeks, after which I will know the autumn program and will be able to start preparing for it. Apart from working for the Sunday School, it means I hope to get more computer programming done than usual, especially on the new Macintosh and iOS programs. Last week I finally got to the stage of being able to display any Bible passage. So there will be “just” some cleaning up to do – with just in inverted commas, because often fixing up the small details take up more time than the general functioning of the program. But in any case, I hope some time this month to be ready to release the first versions of these programs.