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Teenage training

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

Next weekend is another of the monthly training seminars that the young adults are organising, for themselves and for the church. This time it is more orientated towards younger people, with a couple of people from Youth for Christ coming for the training. In the morning it will be for parents and the church leaders, on how to serve them. Then in the afternoon there will be a meeting about how to run evangelistic events in schools, a training time for the teenagers, and then a meeting that the teenagers have organised for their friends. Then it all finishes with a worship time in the evening. Sounds like it will be a great and helpful time for many types of people! I’m looking forward to it, and its effects on the teenagers.


Sunday, April 14th, 2013

The earlier part of this week was more restful than usual, with the usual mid week Bible studies having a break so it would be easier for people to attend the monthly prayer meeting. As well as that, my in-laws staying with us, and they look after me and reduce my housework significantly. It even meant being able to go out on some ‘dates’, as I had some free evenings and we could sneak out after the children were asleep and leave them with their grandparents. So I think it was the first time we have been able to go out to celebrate the day of our anniversary (number nine this year). The end of the week became a bit more normal, with a Sunday School teachers’ meeting on Thursday (for both Pinuccia and I, so we took advantage of the grandparents’ babysitting service again), the church prayer meeting on Friday night that I led, and a visit to do the study at the Val di Non group in the mountains on Saturday afternoon.