Winter events

I have not written many posts lately, as it has been a period of “ordinary administration” in the church and in the mission, with little special to write about, as is usual in these winter months. But things will start to hot up next month, with a number of non regular events planned. In the meantime, today there was one of the few winter activities, with an outing after church for the children of the Sunday School. This year we took them up the mountain that is next to Trento for some toboggan and sled riding down the slopes. They are had a great time, as did the teachers as we got to spend some good time with them. It was also a good opportunity to catch up with the children from the Rovereto church, who came as well. There was also one of the children from last year’s camp. Speaking of which, on Saturday the family had a scouting trip to the place we will probably use for this year’s camp in June. The preparations are going ahead for that, so keep praying for the organisation that Pinuccia and I and several other people are doing, and especially for the children who will be attending.

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