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Back in Italy (in theory)

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

We arrived safely back in Italy – although it seems our bodies were left in Australia. Three of us woke up at 3am this morning, and the fourth before 5am. Which meant the children went to sleep again this afternoon, so it might be an early start again tomorrow. On top of the jet lag, Stefania caught something last Tuesday in Australia, and kept flaking out in the evening Australian time, which is in the morning here. So she and Pinuccia did not make it to church today. But Daniele and I had a good time seeing friends again. The fever means that Stefania will get another few days off school as well. For me, I am happy that my meeting tomorrow night, which will go late, get postponed to Thursday; I will have some more time to recuperate so that I do not fall asleep in the meeting. Pray for all of our recovery.

Still in Australia

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Having finally recovered from the trip out, we have been enjoying our quick immersion into Australian culture and summer. There have been lots of trips to the pool to improve the children’s swimming ability (and winter sun tans), and on Tuesday it will be off to the beach as well. Some of the males in the family have been trying to explain the fine points of cricket to Daniele. And there have been films to watch, the Wiggles exhibition at the museum, mini golf, visiting a couple of churches, and lots more. But now we are into the last week, and will be going back on Friday evening. Pray for a good trip, and a quicker recovery from the trip, as the rest of the family have to go back to school on Monday morning.