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In Australia

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

We are in Australia now, and have been since Sunday night. But the long journeys take more toll each time, so we have all been suffering from jet lag and I have been sick until now, so getting the blog up to date has not been a priority. To the limits of our health, we had a great Christmas with our family. Now it is time to enjoy this (disappointing?) summer, and get into some Australian activities with the extended family – a children’s show at the Opera House, cricket and the zoo are coming up in the rest of this week.

Finishing the year, and preparing

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

It is the last week of school before the two week winter break, so a lot of it will be taken up by various Christmas activities that are organised: Monday a lantern lit work for Daniele’s school, Tuesday a party at Pinuccia’s school, Wednesday a concert for Stefania’s school, Thursday a presentation from Stefania’s rhythmic gymnastics class, and on Friday my band’s Christmas concert (with one or two dress rehearsals during the week as well). We will be playing such well loved traditional Christmas music like Abba, Blues Brothers, Chicago, Grease, West Side Story, Dirty Dancing, Moulin Rouge and West Side Story, with the support of the local dancing school.

During all that and the usual activities, we will be trying to pack, and at 6am on Saturday we will head to the airport, on our way to Australia for a three week trip to stay with the family. After the meeting cancelling snow of the past couple of days, it will certainly be a big change in climate. Please pray for a good trip and a good time with our family.

Visitors time

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

Like the buses, we often do not get any visitors for a while, and then a lot turn up at once. So last week we had the pleasure of two of Pinuccia’s nieces from Sicily with us. Then on Saturday morning I took them to the airport at Verona, and got back with 45 minutes to spare to start hosting the next group of visitors. We did have some help with the hospitality, but over the weekend I spent a lot of time with a family and a single from the same Bible college, who independently arranged mission awareness trips to Italy which just happened to crossover at Trento at the same time. Together with a well known Italian missionary leader who came as well. It did make life a bit more difficult for Pinuccia, as she looked after some of the practical aspects. But it did mean that it was easier to give all the visitors an idea of what ministry in Italy is like. First they could talk informally with the missionary leader. And then the church took advantage of his presence to arrange three training talks on missional living for the Young Adults, and others. So the other guests could see and experience a bit of Italian ministry in action.

Helping, or living, India

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Today there was the annual Sunday School market day, in which the children sold things they had made (this year, mostly Christmas Cards) to raise funds for the school they support in India. There was also the monthly church lunch after the service, in which we did something different to bring home to people what they were doing. A dozen “volunteers” received just a plate of rice and some water, which they ate on the floor with their hands, whilst everyone else enjoyed the typical banquet of fine Italian food that we usually have. Although to be honest, not everyone enjoyed it. Some could not bring themselves to eat well whilst the others had only rice, and so decided to join the rice eating group instead. I think they got the point!