Apple, Portugal, San Martino – here we come

One of the most common questions I got from my web site used to be when there would be a version for Macintosh computers of my program to study the Bible. Now the common question is when there will be a version for iPads and iPhones. I send people to the site FAQ, which explained that I could not develop such a version, because I would need a Macintosh computer to do it, I did not have one, and could not afford to buy one to develop the program. But now a group from a church at Genova has taken up the challenge, and has bought and sent me a Mac Mini, so that I can write a version for the program for the many Apple users in Italy. Their generosity amazes me, and I thank God for the financial sacrifice that they have made to spread God’s Word in Italian. It will take me a while to learn how to program on these operating systems and to translate the program into another language. But the computer arrived just in time, because I was able to complete the second major version of the Android version (which currently has 10,000 users) on Wednesday, and I just have to write up the help file before a major release of the Windows version. So for most of the next year I can concentrate on this new project (in the time left over from my church ministry, which has the priority), apart from a bit of work I will continue doing answering common questions on the Bible. By now my desk is starting to look like a developer’s studio, with two computers, a tablet and a phone with five operating systems between them, which I use to write and test the various versions of the program.

But all this will have to wait for a week, because tomorrow the whole family is going to Lisbon for a retreat for the Australian and New Zealand missionaries of ECM. Pray that that will be a good time for us all, and that we will be an encouragement to the other missionaries there.

When we get back next Saturday, it will be just in time for another big move – the next day the church will have its first meeting in the hall it is renting in the San Martino suburb of Trento. It will certainly be an historic moment for the church, which however I will miss, since I will be preaching at Rovereto that day. But at least there will be a church lunch afterwards, that I will be able to get back for. Pray that this hall will be an effective instrument to help us to be a part of the society and reach out to Trento, and not to just be a burden. In fact, we will have an opportunity to use it the following Saturday (10th), when there will be a festival for San Martino. The church will have an “open day”, with various activities to make ourselves known to the quarter. But more on that in another message.

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