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The perfect job? But according to who?

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

It is now the last week of holidays for Pinuccia and Daniele. This means that Pinuccia will start getting some job offers for the new academic year. In the next few days there will be between zero and three first round offers (from the different groupings of pre-schools), although it is more likely that she will end up accepting one of the second round of offers that she will probably receive next week, after the school year has started. In the past, I have asked people to pray for the perfect job for Pinuccia, by which I meant perfect according to our criteria. However it probably is not the right thing to pray for. There is no doubt that God will give Pinuccia the right job for her, but it will be according to his criteria and not ours. So whilst last year’s job was reasonable for managing the family and my work, it was not as good as the job two years ago, which was perfect for our schedules. Instead, last year Pinuccia ended working with a lady from another evangelical church at Trento, which gave her a lot more opportunities for witness and for transforming the school according to her values. So it turned out that God had given her the perfect job, but in a way we were not expecting. So instead of praying for the perfect job this year, pray that we would understand God’s ways in giving her the job which she will have, that we will know from this job how he wants us to serve him this year at the school and in the family.

Preparation and recreation

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

I am back to work in church now, leading the service today and preaching at Rovereto next Sunday. With a lot of the usual church leaders away in this period, I have more to do than usual in the services. You could also pray for the preparation of this year’s Bible studies in the church, which I want to begin working on this week. As well, I am hoping to make some progress on the Android and Windows versions of my computer programs, and answer some more difficult questions on the Bible. Another person just wrote to me asking why a good God let bad things happen to her, so I want to write a reply I can use for those who ask this in the future. As well as all that, this is the first of two weeks of holidays together at home. So we will be doing something together as a family every day, otherwise the children – and us parents – go crazy by the end of the day. At least Trentino is a great tourist area, and there is a lot of beautiful nature to enjoy together.

Leaving Sicily

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Our time in Sicily is coming to an end. Tomorrow there will be packing and cleaning, and on Thursday and Friday we will be driving back home. It is been the usual time of late nights, catching up with lots of family and friends, going to the beach, and temperatures regularly up to 40 degrees. There was however something unusual this time: it rained one day, the first time I have seen rain during my dozen stays on the island.

Whilst I have been away, I have heard that the work to prepare the church’s new hall has been going on, and is almost finished. However, the furniture factories are mostly closed for the summer in August, so our table and chairs will not arrive until next month. We expect then to move our services to the hall in the second half of September.

One interesting aspect of visiting other churches and Christians, as I have been during this trip, is to see people pull out their Android smart phone during the service and start reading the Bible on it. Naturally, using the program that I wrote, even thought they are sometimes not aware that the author of the program is sitting near them! But it is always a reason to thank God to see my work used around Italy. If I could just write an iPhone/iPad version (that I lack the computer resources to create), it would be a lot better still.