Holidays for some, holidays for all, and champions

The last two weeks have been for the most part without church commitments, which has meant I have been able to dedicate myself more to my computer ministry. I did manage to get a new version of my Android application out, even if not with all the new features I was hoping to add to it. I have also been answering some more common questions about the Bible, and working on a web site for a Christian publishing house. There has also been more time with the rest of the family who are on holidays, going to the mountains, to the lakes and to the pool, as well as with three groups of guests who have passed through.

On Tuesday there will be a change, as we make the long trip to Sicily to spend some time with family and friends there. Including quite a few of our Trento friends, who will be there as well. So pray for this different time for us, that we can serve God also there.

Last week, the restructuring work was begun for the new hall, and which will go on for most of the summer. We aim to be ready for the September restart of church activities. Pray that the works will go well, without bureaucratic problems, and that the decisions that are made as the hall is prepared will be a help for the proclamation of the Gospel in it.

Finally, for those who missed the big news, last weekend Trento won the Italian cricket championship for the second year in a row. This goes well with the volleyball world club championship, which Trento has won for the last three years.

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