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Baptisms and camp

Monday, May 28th, 2012

The highlight of the past week, and one of the highlights of the church year, was yesterday’s combined service between the churches of Trento and Rovereto, with five baptisms as well. So with relatives and friends coming also, including many from other churches, the hall that we had rented for the occasion was full, and there was an exciting atmosphere. It was great to see some friends who we have not seen for a while, hear great testimonies of how God worked in peoples’ lives to bring them to him, and feel the fellowship. We also took out some time towards the end to work on the Sunday School camp, which starts in three weeks’ time. It is a privilege to be able to work with such creative people. In some ways, it is a shame that I have to be one of the leaders at the camp, because the program is looking great and I would have loved to be a participant in all these activities! So continue to pray for the preparations for the camp, and for the five leaders who will be there.

Android and Baptisms

Monday, May 21st, 2012

This morning, after a few months of beta releases, the first official version of my Bible program for Android appeared on Google Play. You can find it here if you are interested. It was a fair bit of work, but it is gratifying to reach such a milestone, and know that a lot more people will be able to carry the Italian Bible around with them as a result. There is another long term project (almost two years!) that has almost arrived at its first public release version, even though not finished, but I will mention that in another week or two.

Next Sunday will be one of the big church days of the year: the first combined service with the church at Rovereto, after it started last September, including the baptism of five people, three from the Trento church and two from the Rovereto church. There will be quite a lot of family and friends invited, so pray for the witness on that day, not only during the service in the preaching and the testimonies of those baptised, but also in the conversations and the love shown during the lunch together afterwards.

Youth, studies, and children

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Doing the week, there was a meeting of the leaders of the “special” groups (that is not the normal cell groups) which work with the young people – the church Youth and Young Adults’ Groups, and the university and English language groups which also include people from other churches. It was great to hear their desire to work together, with a bigger vision of reaching and discipling all the young people in the city. As I sat in the meeting, I was so proud of these eight leaders and the ministry that they are building, and grateful to God for having raised them up for us.

This week I also finished preparing the Bible studies in Isaiah, and last Sunday I had my last Sunday School lesson. This means that I have prepared all the studies I will be doing until the summer break in the beginning of July. So I have a bit of extra time now, although not for long. I have a meeting with some of the church leaders on the 24th to decide on the program for the next year, after which I will start to prepare the studies for September. But until then I will have a bit of time to concentrate on my computer ministry. Just in time too, as during the week two other projects came up: fixing up the web site for an Italian publishing house, and preparing the electronic text of an Italian Bible translation.

Today there was the visit of the Indian pastor who founded the school that we support. We arranged for the children of the Sunday School to tell him and the church what they had learnt from supporting this school for many years. It was quite touching to hear their maturity in this.

Special Sunday month

Monday, May 7th, 2012

This is a month of special Sundays, and next week it will be the visit of someone from the school in India that the Sunday School supports. So he will be able to report on the construction of the dining room, which is where the children’s money is going at the moment, and we have prepared material for him to take back to the children in his school. After church, we will be having a working picnic to do some planning for the children’s camp next month. There is still a fair bit to do, but it is coming along well, and I’m excited about it and looking forward to being there!

Following up from last week, the church did decide at its special meeting to rent the hall for its activities. Unfortunately the church lunch after the meeting got washed out, which will not happen when we have our own hall and can eat inside.