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Training and children

Monday, March 19th, 2012

This weekend in the church was concentrated on training. Pinuccia organised it and we hosted the speaker who came, which kept us busy. Which is way it is Monday afternoon and I am only getting around to writing about it now. (The other reason is that my computer monitor died a painful death over the weekend, so computing time was limited; I’m using the television now.) It was good to build on what we did as Sunday School teachers in November, although once again I had to leave after lunch to pick up the children. But I have the notes, so I hope to learn something new. I still don’t feel that I have come to grips with teaching the age group that I have now (10-12 years), as I only started with them in September and never taught that age before. Then on Sunday afternoon we went to Rovereto for a session for the parents. How to bring up children is certainly a keenly felt issue in the church, but of course is not something that you learn in one afternoon! But we do hope that it will be the start of a continuing discussion in the church, so we can serve God better in this area.

Pinuccia introducing the seminar for parents

At the Sunday School training day

Training to children

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

Now that the warmer weather has arrived more permanently, it is time for the usual Spring rush of activities to start. The first is coming up this weekend, which has and will be keeping Pinuccia busy in the organisation. Someone from the Child Evangelism Fellowship will be coming. She came also a few months ago. All day Saturday she will be continuing her Sunday School teacher training which she started then. This visit, she will also be running a seminar on the Christian education of children in the family at Rovereto for the parents (and others) of both the churches. Pray that these meetings will be helpful for the teachers and parents in their ministries to the children, and that Pinuccia will have the energy to prepare what is needed.