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‘Twas the week before Christmas, and beta 1 arrives in many stockings

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Like everybody else, this week coming up to Christmas is different from normal. I only have the one Bible study to go to, which will be a more informal affair with a video and eating to finish up the year, before starting a new series on Isaiah in January. On the other hand, there is the band’s biggest concert of the year on Friday night (a co-production with a local dancing school in the town’s indoor sports centre, with more than a hundred performers), so there are some extra rehearsals for that. School for the other three family members ends on Thursday, and there will be a bit of a rest on Friday. But not too much, because it will also be packing day, as we head to Sicily on Saturday, to see that half of our family for the first time for a year. We will be back on January 6th. I will have limited Internet time whilst there, which means little blogging and Facebooking, so I will take this opportunity to wish all my friends reading this a meaningful Christmas and God filled New Year.

Tomorrow there will also be the launch of the first beta of a new version of my computer program to read and study the Bible in Italian. It is a multiplatform version, for Mac, Linux and Android. It is fairly simple at the moment, but I hope to develop it a lot more during 2012. Hopefully it will satisfy the users of those operating systems who have been asking me for years for such a program. And hopefully it will been that the program is tool for making the Word of God known even more, as it reaches still more Italian computers.

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Sunday, December 11th, 2011

There is a stomach bug going around the schools here. Last week Stefania caught it, and had a couple of days off school. This week Daniele got it on Friday and missed school, including vomiting in the doctor’s car park. Then today he gave it back to Stefania. So no church for them today. Pinuccia was teaching in Sunday School today, so she went to church whilst I stayed home. Then she came back, and I went out to go to the church lunch by myself, and she did Sunday School with the children. With a public holiday last Thursday, and a strike at Stefania’s school tomorrow, they are getting quite a long weekend out of all this.

From Trento to the world

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

During the week I paid my first visit to the international students’ group of the church, which is run in English. In the past it has usually been around half a dozen people, although it has been growing in the last couple of months, and there were 14 there when I went, which was a pleasant surprise. It was good to see, once again, that when there is the need and opportunity to reach out in a new way, that God provides the human resources necessary to develop this witness – an American couple recently moved to Trento. Pray that this group will continue to grow, and will be an effective ministry in all the world as the students return to their home country.

This group was the last one that I visit. So now I will start over again going to most of the groups to see how they are going, and encouraging and challenging them.

For the Sunday School, today there was the annual Christmas market to raise funds for a school in India. Pinuccia and the other teachers worked a lot to prepare for that, so are happy to have a rest from that now. Although now we will have to start working seriously on the preparation of the Sunday School camp in June/July.