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Sunday School active

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

There has been a lot of Sunday School activity lately, which means mostly more work (and pressure) for Pinuccia, although I have been involved as well. Last Sunday afternoon there was a reunion meeting from last summer’s Sunday School camp. Although Pinuccia was not at the camp this year (as we were in Australia) she went to the reunion whilst I stayed home with the children. The reports are that it went very well, with something both for the church children (who learnt something new about prayer) and for those not from the church (who learnt about the Gospel).

Next Sunday there will be the annual Sunday School market, selling biscuits and bread sticks to raise funds for a school in India. So yesterday the production lines were at work, with some children making biscuits at one house in one of the valleys, whilst others came to our house to make the bread sticks. I travelled up and down between the two places, ferrying children and supplies, and filming for a video.

At the same time, Pinuccia has been trying to start to get next summer’s camp organised, at least to decide when and where it will be, and who will be helping out. It has been difficult to get this done, and in fact still has not been decided, which together with the other Sunday School activities has left Pinuccia a bit frustrated. I doubt it will be much better this week, with the market to organise, but hopefully it will be done before the Christmas break.

Helping to help

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

The highlight for me this week was meeting with the youth group leaders – one who helped me last year and took over in September, and the other who has just started to help. Even though it was their first meeting together, it was great to see the desire, and the God given gifts, to serve the teenagers. It made me happy that I was able to leave the leadership of that group, with people more capable of relating to that age group able to take over. It is a privilege for me to be able to help and encourage them – and the leaders of the other seven groups in the church that I am following. In fact, pretty much every week lately the highlight for me has been helping the other leaders. This week, it is the turn of the Val di Non group, the most distant group from Trento and another future church plant. I’m looking forward to getting encouraged by them as well!

During the week, there are some other meetings to pray for as well. There will be the first Bible study for the refounded group at the university. As I have said in the last couple of messages it has been a joy for me not only to be able to help the students start the group, but also because the university ministry is still on my heart. I also have the second meeting with someone I have started discipling and training. Pinuccia on the other hand has a planning meeting on Thursday night for the church children’s camp next summer, and on Sunday afternoon a camp reunion from last summer, of which the main aim is to continue the relationships with the many children who came and who are not from the church.

Sunday School training

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

This weekend was another busy time in the family, with a guest staying. She came to do some training for the Sunday School teachers, which lasted all day Saturday. However we did not want to leave our children with another family for the whole day, so I missed the afternoon session to retrieve them. But it was a helpful time for us all, both in what we learnt and the issues that the teachers were able to discuss together. Then on Sunday both Pinuccia and I taught a class of the Sunday School, and in the afternoon we kept the discussion going with the trainer and the family of one of the other teachers that we had invited for lunch.

Next weekend we will get to rest a bit more, being hosts instead of guests for a meal, and then going to one of the rare services in which neither of us have a commitment, and so can listen to what is said. During the week there are instead the usual regular meetings for me, plus visits to some of the other small groups and other group leaders, to help them in their ministry.