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Back in Sydney

Monday, June 27th, 2011

We are back now from our 10 days in (mostly) sunny Canberra. People there kept complaining about the cold, but they don’t know what cold really is! Apart from that, it was great to see friends and churches there. As it was the last city I lived in before I went to Italy, I still have more friends there than anywhere else. It was enjoyable as well speaking at four Bible study groups on successive nights. I like being able to speak to small groups about what God is doing at Trento: it gives more personal contact, interaction, and feedback than speaking to a whole congregation. The children continue to amaze me with their adaptability as well. They were in a home away from home away from away, but just accepted it and enjoyed their time there, as well as not having problems at all the meetings we took them along to. They did of course get their own special times as well. It usually does not take much to satisfy them, so there were quite a few trips to the park. But they did really enjoy Questacon and Cockington Green as well, and kept asking to be taken back there.

Coming up are two more meetings with small groups during the week, and then a weekend with my family, including the Powerhouse museum, birthday celebrations, and a special surprise for Stefania and Daniele. I will not mention the surprise yet, so that none of my readers can ruin the surprise for them.


Saturday, June 18th, 2011

Later today we will be going to Canberra, and we will be there until next Monday. This is when we really start working. We will be presenting the work at two services both Sundays (and Pinuccia has a children’s talk tomorrow morning), and there will be five meetings during the week as well. We will also be visiting some friends and supporters at Canberra. In fact if you are at Canberra, are reading this, and won’t be at one of the meetings, let me know and we’ll meet at sometime. Even better if you know somewhere that makes a real Italian coffee.

This week Pinuccia’s talk at the Ladies’ Bible Study went well; it was good for her to have a ministry whilst here as well. For the children, the highlight was seeing the dinosaurs at the museum. However, the first pangs of homesickness have started to appear, with Stefania missing her best friend and Daniele wanting to go to her home at Lavis.

First presentations

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

We have started working now, with a couple of presentations in a church today. From now on the visits will be fairly regular. Pinuccia gets to be the missionary this Wednesday, speaking at a Women’s meeting. Although since the talk will be longer than what she can do in English, I will be translating for her.

The rest of the week was spent moving from my parents’ house to the apartment that the mission owns, setting up home there and doing such tasks. I managed to get the other three members of the family enrolled in Medicare (although I am not eligible), just in time for Daniele who the following day broke out in a rash due to having caught roseola. So we have already got to know the local pharmacist, also because she is Italian and so we have chatted with her in Italian. We have also had some time with my family and doing tourist things.

In Australia

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

The trip to Australia went smoothly, although even at its best there is of course a lot of tiredness at the end. Pinuccia and I got over the jet lag faster than usual, although the children have not. So we have been up in the middle of the night for a few hours because they have been waking up, which has been making us tired during the day. Hopefully we will get all our sleeping patterns back to normal soon.

In these first few days we have been staying with my parents, so it has been great to be looked after and have someone to look after Stefania and Daniele whilst we have tried to recover and do other things. But on Tuesday we will move to a house belonging to the mission, so it will be back to normal family responsibilities. On Sunday we will have our first official meetings, speaking in a one of our supporting churches morning and night. We still have not finished preparing our deputation material, but we should manage to complete that this week. After that, the meetings will start becoming more hectic, but I will keep you up to date each week so that you can pray for them.