A virus takes us to the snow

With a virus hitting the Valsugana again, the a lot of the children of the cell group there were sick, whereas ours (being at Trento) were still well. Hence we were the only family that were able to go to the meeting of the group yesterday, so it had to be cancelled. This meant however that we unexpectedly got one of those rare events, a free Saturday to spend with the family. Since it was a fine day, and a couple of days ago it had snowed in the mountains (but rained at Trento in the valley), it was perfect for a family outing to the ski fields, which we had not managed to do yet this winter. And Stefania did remember a few days ago that we hadn’t, and reminded us. We didn’t actually go skiing, but did get to make a snow man, throw snow balls, and ride on the toboggan.

Apart from the usual activities, this week’s main event is the (roughly) monthly youth group meeting on Saturday afternoon. It will be at our house, but I will not be leading it this time.

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