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Thinking about school

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

It’s already time to start thinking about school for next year (ie in September)! This week we received the forms for Pinuccia to apply for a relief teaching position, for Daniele to return to preschool, and (the big one) for Stefania to go to infants school. We already have to make some choices for Stefania, as there are a few different possibilities for hours and programs at the two infants school at Lavis (which are about 100m apart, and even closer to home than the preschool is). We have already thought a bit about it, but next Thursday there is an information evening, so I will listen and ask a few things, and then we will hand in the forms for the next phase of Stefania’s life.

Not only did each of the other three family members get their forms for school next year, but they all got the flu as well. No doubt they caught it from preschool, as a large number of the children and teachers were missing by the end of the week. I am still resisting! It was not only at our school, as there were three children out of a possible 22 in the two younger classes of the Sunday School today – although not all were sick, some were absent for other reasons. So I will try again to do my lesson next week. Yesterday was also our monthly day without commitments, which we have kept free to do something together as a family. We had planned to go to a children’s theatre together, but it turned out instead that we could only be sick together on our family day.

Church planting progress

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

This week we started moving the realisation of our church planting vision up a gear. The plan is to start weekly church services at Rovereto in September, after the summer, at which time at least 10 people from the church will attend there and no longer at Trento (or at most only as visitors). We are having a strong mission emphasis in the next few months, including discussions with the church membership to make sure we are all going in the same direction. So on Wednesday night the Bible study group, after reading and reflecting on Acts 13, started talking and thinking about the new and future church plants. (The connection was no accident; we had planned the studies last May so that the Bible studies would be about church planting in this period.) Most of the other Bible study groups will have similar discussions in the next couple of months. Then on Thursday night the church committee spent a lot of its time talking more about the plans for the next steps in the setting up of the Rovereto church. There are a few other events planned to continue to help us think about what it means to plant a new church. On February 12 there is a meeting on mission with the Italian representative of WEC, who was herself a missionary in various countries, and on April 1-3 a series of meetings on church planting with the International Director of ECM, as well as the commissioning of the Rovereto group. So lots will be going on, which I will speak more of in the future.


Monday, January 10th, 2011

We have made it back home, after another small adventure. Not as big as the volcano induced odyssey a few months ago, but enough to keep us relying on God. We were supposed to leave from Catania airport at 8.30pm, but due to fog there where no flights arriving or leaving. After having our flight cancelled and reinstated a couple of times, and the lifting of the fog, we left almost 6 hours late, and finally arrived home at 6am this morning instead of around midnight. Doing this with two small children kept it more interesting, although as I said in my comment on the April trip, I thank God that they travel so well and did not complain even once. Stefania and Daniele then slept until almost midday, missing the first day of preschool after the break, but Pinuccia had to go anyway in the afternoon to work – so far she has survived.

Our last day in Sicily was also marked by a typical extended family lunch together. This time however outside on the veranda, where many started complaining about the heat. Not usual for the middle of winter! Sicily certainly has some advantages compared to the rest of Europe. But if it is a bit hot in winter, you can imagine what it is like in summer. Anyway, it was good for all of us to get some vitamin D before returning to Trento, and also for the children to have the opportunity to run around and play outside, which they rarely do here because of a lack of both sun and nearby open spaces.

So now it is back to work, although I still have quite a bit to catch up on before I can get into the normal activities. This Saturday afternoon there will be meeting of the Youth Group, which will be the first time that I will do a study with this group, so you could pray for that as well.

Eating on holidays

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

We have got through the New Year celebrations now, which of course involved a lot of eating. And which was added to by the way the calendar worked out this year. So on Friday night there was dinner and countdown at the church, then on Saturday the traditional New Year’s Day lunch for Pinuccia’s extended family, and then a typical Sunday lunch for the family. Even though we are well into 2011 now, the eating will not be much reduced this week, as we have quite a few meals booked in the next few days with wider family and friends. Then next Sunday night it will be back home to Trento. And maybe a diet…

The other highlight of the week was getting a romantic night out together. With a few family members here that are willing babysitters, and since Stefania and Daniele can go to bed later whilst we are on holidays, Pinuccia and I got to go to the cinema together, the first time we have done that for a couple of years.