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Busy on Holidays

Monday, December 27th, 2010

We arrived in Sicily around noon on Thursday, and as always the first few days have been hectic as we have been catching up with all the relatives. So every day there have been lunches and dinners with large groups of people. This week the holidays will be a bit calmer, although not a lot calmer as there are other friends and family to meet up with, as well as the traditional family and church New Year celebrations. On the other hand, I’m not missing the snow. It is not exactly warm, being similar to a Sydney winter, but after the negative temperatures of Trento, going out to sit or play in the sun is nice. This week we will even be going to the beach, no swimming however.

Christmas market and departure

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Today was the Sunday School’s Christmas market, raising funds for a school in India. It went well, with the children understanding and presenting the needs in other places of the world, and how much they have to be thankful to God for. I get the feeling that this generation is a lot more socially aware than I was when I was their age. It was a lot of work for a lot of people, and of course Pinuccia had a lot to do supervising everything. I looked after a lot of the practical and technical details, as well as the song that the children sang. It was a good thing that I kept to my policy of never trusting technology, and had brought along a back up of everything. Because the church computer was not available, and I had to use what I had brought with me.

In this period there are, of course, a lot of end of year and Christmas activities. Pinuccia, Stefania, and Daniele had their school end of year concert/presentation on Wednesday, and I the band Christmas concert on Saturday. There should have been a meeting for the Ladies’ group in the church as well, but it got cancelled because of the snow. This week we have a few more thing to wrap up, and then early on Thursday morning we will be leaving for a couple of weeks in Sicily with Pinuccia’s family. Pray for this time away as well.

Bread sticks

Sunday, December 12th, 2010
Half of the bread sticks that were cooked

Half of the bread sticks that were cooked

This weekend was bread stick time. Whilst one group from the Sunday School was making biscuits in another location, a group at our house put their hand to bread stick making – all for a good cause, which will be mentioned in next week’s message. So after a lot of rolling and twirling, and 7 hours of continuous oven operation on Saturday afternoon, we had about 400 bread sticks in four different varieties. Then on Sunday afternoon it was time to sort out the various types, separate them into packets of 8, pretty up the packets and put labels on them. All good fun and a good time working with others, especially with the children and youth who came.

At home

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

It was mostly an at home week this week. First of all because none of the non weekly meetings I often have came up this week. And then the Wednesday Bible study was the first casualty of the snow this year and got cancelled. So I had an extremely rare five nights at home in a row, from Sunday to Thursday, until Friday when there was band practice (and a bit of snow, but not enough). Even this weekend was unusual, being the one Saturday every month in which there is neither the fortnightly Bible study group nor the monthly Youth Group meeting. So we took advantage as a family, with open day at the fire station yesterday (which the children were excited about), and the annual market day at Lavis today (which Pinuccia finds a bit more interesting).  Last night there was also a concert in town put on by the social arm of the church, which saw quite a few guests and visitors.

Next Saturday however it will be back to work. The Sunday School children will be cooking bread sticks (at our house) and biscuits (at another house) which will be sold on the 19th to raise funds for a school in India. So we will be busy preparing and doing that, and then half way through I will have to sneak out to go to the Bible study that will be on at the same time.