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Vacation and holidays

Sunday, July 11th, 2010
Daniele, Pinuccia and Stefania at the lake

Daniele, Pinuccia and Stefania at the lake

More time this week with the family, and with friends as well. It was a bit more like holidays than the first week of the school vacations, and I also managed to get a bit of work done preparing some Bible studies on Acts. Now it is time to get ready for our trip to Sicily for a few weeks with Pinuccia’s family. It is a long trip: we leave at 2am on Tuesday morning, catch a ferry at 1pm from Naples down to Messina, and then have a few more hours in the car. We should arrive after midnight on Tuesday night. Usually the children cope better with the travelling than the drivers do… The portable DVD keeps them amused for hours, and the timing of the trip is planned so that they sleep during a lot of it. When we are in Sicily, it will be more like holidays than now. Pinuccia’s family lives close to the beach, so we will be going there often. Usually however it is too hot to go to the beach, we (and others) just go around 5pm for a few hours. And then there will be lots of going out to see extended family and friends down there.

Vacations ≠ holidays

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Those with children know that vacations don’t mean holidays. In fact, ever since school finished on Wednesday for Pinuccia and Stefania, we have been even busier than usual with trips to the park, to the swimming pool, to a birthday party, and inviting friends to our house. At least I had led my last Bible study for a while on Wednesday night, and then only had to lead the service this morning, so there were not many other commitments to prepare for. However I certainly did not get as much done on my other projects as I had been hoping. But it has been fun doing these things with the family.