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A tiring weekend

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

This weekend there was a lot to do, even though we could not do everything we should have. It actually started on Friday, since the usual weekend house cleaning and shopping had to be brought forward. Then on Saturday morning Pinuccia led an almost 4 hour training and planning meeting at our house for the Sunday School teachers (including myself). Then we were supposed to go to the cell group in the afternoon, but there were too many people absent (ie all but 3, of whom one would have had to look after the children), so that got cancelled. Which allowed us to take Stefania and Daniele to the fairground attractions which were at Lavis this weekend, for the annual town fair. Then on Sunday morning it was church (after an hour’s less sleep due to daylight savings starting), after which there was a church lunch. We managed to go to that for half an hour, so at least we got a bit of food. I was a bit disappointed on having to leave early, as it is one of my favourite church activities due to the fellowship there. But I had to do a quick change into my band outfit, and go back to Lavis for a concert at the town fair. At the same time, the annual church meeting was held after the lunch, which I should have been at and would have liked to have been at as well. Then after the concert I went home, then went out again with the family to walk around a bit of the fair.

The weather was the best it has been all year – sunny and in the low twenties. Which is not that high, but after the winter when we were not used to such temperatures, and having to sit in the sun blowing hard on the clarinet for more than an hour, it was tiring also. Pinuccia has not been feeling too well the last few days either, which got worse over the weekend, although she is better now. So that added to her tiredness. But it is over now, and maybe we will get a nice long restful break over Easter (when Pinuccia and Stefania get a week off school).

Bits and pieces

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

A few little bits of news this week:

  • I finally managed to get version 7.14 of my Bible computer program, and the corresponding update to my web site, out on Tuesday.
  • During the week there was another birth in the church (who is also in the new Saturday cell group, so there are 6 couples and 10 children less than 5 years old now). This meant there was only one pregnancy left (in the church and Saturday group), which is due next month. So I was a bit worried that our church growth program was coming to a stand still, but today another couple came to the rescue and announced a pregnancy. It was especially pleasing to see them announcing it, as they are the same age as me and Pinuccia, and have been waiting for a while. At least they are not in the Saturday cell group!
  • Yesterday was one of our few completely free Saturdays, and with the warmer weather we took advantage of it. In the morning there was the first family leisure bike ride – although only Stefania rode, Daniele and I walked (but Daniele did have his first try on the bike for a few metres). In the afternoon there was a trip for the whole family to the largest castle of the province, to go exploring there. Now that the children are old enough to enjoy so days (and do all the walking that is required), we are looking forward to being able to do more such days together. However, it does mean setting apart the time to do them, which is not also easy with my ministry. So it means for me making a conscious decision to do less work and more family time, which is not easy for me to do, although I am learning.

This weekend there are a few events to pray for:

  • Sunday School teacher training and planning on Saturday morning, which Pinuccia will be leading. Then there is the cell group in the afternoon, so there will be no family time that day :-(
  • Lunch together after church on Sunday, and then the annual general meeting of the church. Although I will miss most of it, because I also have…
  • a concert with the band on Sunday afternoon, for the big annual market day of Lavis

Next version almost ready

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

The main aim for this week was to get out a new version of my Bible computer program. I didn’t make it though. The program itself is ready, with a few new features. But with a couple of other people I have never met, one in America and one in Hungary, I have been working on an improved version of the Westcott and Hort Greek New Testament (which is arguably the best Greek text available without copyright, for which it is fairly popular in Internet). There are quite a few electronic versions available, but they all have many errors. So the three of us have been comparing texts for a while. But now that I have more time (having finished the preparation of all the studies I have to lead until June), we have been having a concentrated effort on the improvement of this text. So in the last two weeks the e-mails have been flying between us, comparing and checking various versions of the text. We are almost there, with only a couple of hundred punctuation marks left to check and correct. So at the beginning of next week, I should finally be able to get version 7.14 of my program out, and also update the texts on the page of my site on the Greek New Testament.

In the meantime, during the week I received a message from one of my users. One of many, that encourages me to keep putting in the time necessary to keep the computer ministry going:

I wanted to complement you for the wonderful site; I discovered it by chance when, at an evening meeting, the priest advised us to read the Bible to understand it better. So, looking on Internet, I discovered your site. Through it I will try my spiritual walk that I desire so much, but that I did not know how to do, fearful of not being able to understand by myself the Bible. Now, with your help, and that of the Holy Spirit, I will try with more peace.

Dinner at the Wilson Family Restaurant

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Wilson Family Restaurant

Wilson Family Restaurant

A lot of last week was spent thinking about and planning the dinner on Saturday night for the young adults of the church. And then on Saturday the whole day was spent preparing the house (a super cleaning session, and furniture rearranging) and then the dinner. We ended up with 22 people coming to dinner, including six friends from other cities, as well as a couple of non Christian friends of people in the church. This certainly stretched the capabilities of the house – we only had 21 chairs for the 26 people present, for example – but the house survived! We put on the “Wilson Family Restaurant”, complete with upside down golden arches (‘W’ for Wilson), and offered hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, and a few other dishes. The food was plenty (we will still be eating it tomorrow) and appreciated. It was good to see people mixing well also. The last couple of years the Young Adults’ group has been good at incorporating new people to the church, but for various reasons it was not been doing so well lately. So we organised the dinner to help this. And it worked. The non church friends were made to feel welcome as well, in fact they were all in church this morning as well. All in all, a successful dinner.