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Visitors for the band, then from the mission

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

We have just said goodbye to the most recent guests, two people from the band from a town in Germany that spent the weekend with our band, playing a few concerts. So the weekend was busy with events with them, although I did not go this morning so as I could go to church instead. Now we have a couple of free nights, until the new International Director of ECM arrives on Tuesday for two nights, to get to know us and what the mission is doing in Italy. Then on Wednesday Suzanne Bikker, the new missionary that will be moving to Rovereto in July, will be coming for four nights, partly to meet and talk with the director, partly to sign her rental contract and do some cleaning in her apartment.

Apart from that, there is a public holiday on Tuesday which will be a good opportunity to go out on a picnic with the family, and on Friday Daniele has another post-operation check up, although there do not seem to be any problems.

Back to normal

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Despite what I said last time, I did end up having one Bible study to prepare this week. One of the other Sunday School teachers asked me to swap, as she could come to church today. But it did mean that I had almost a week to work out how to make a Passover door that would transform into a cross with Christ, our Passover lamb. The extra time this week also gave me the opportunity to finish and release a new version (7.10) of my computer program (

This week will see a bit of a return of normality, with some Bible studies to do, and on Thursday my in-laws return to Sicily, so we will be less spoilt and I will have to do more work around the house. This time we will get just a bit more than a day without guests, because on Friday afternoon the German “twin” band of the town band that I play in will be arriving for a few concerts over the weekend, and a couple of them will be staying at our house.

Guests, and supporting India

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

We did have a five day break from guests this week, but last night we had the privilege of having with us the person from the school in India that the Sunday School supports, and who then spoke in church, both during the service and then afterwards to the children, as well as at the service at Rovereto in the afternoon. It really makes a difference when there is a personal contact, it makes the communion a lot more real to the children, and to the adults. So we took the opportunity to do the end of Sunday School year presentation, which included the public debut of the second song that I wrote for them, as well as a video to introduce it.

Now we have five hours to ourselves before the next guests arrive – Pinuccia’s parents who will stay for another 10 days before going back to Sicily. Apart from that, it will be an easier week than normal for me, as Pinuccia has some teacher training at school on Tuesday evening so I can not go to the Rovereto study, on Wednesday someone else will do the study, and on Thursday there is the ladies’ meeting so I am at home. And next weekend is a very rare event: we have no commitments at all apart from the church service. So Pinuccia and I hope to go out together whilst the grandparents are still here to do the baby sitting.

Experiment in the Bible study group, and more guests

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

In the next few weeks in the Wednesday Bible study, I will be trying a bit of an experiment. Although most of the members of the group have not prepared studies before, I have asked a number of them to use a book of Bible studies on Luke to lead a study. (And the few that have a lot of experience in leading studies, I did not ask.) Hopefully this will be a way to help the group, and the individuals, grow. In fact, it is only lately that the group has matured enough and a group identity been created that I have been able to do this.

We will also get a short hospitality break, at least for a few days. We got to the stage of having 3 sets of guests at the same time during the week, with my in-laws staying for a while, the Australian director of ECM for a few days, and then 3 of Pinuccia’s aunts and uncles and one cousin (not the son of any of those aunts or uncles) coming for lunch one day. Then when the director left, an aunt and uncle came for a night, plus 2 cousins and their husbands for lunch the following day. We had to overlap some of our commitments there, as Pinuccia had a meeting to plan the church children’s camp next month. So we all went to the park for a picnic after church, and whilst the relatives talked amongst themselves, Pinuccia went to talk with the other camp leaders (and I chased Daniele up and down the park).

But as I said, we get a small break now, as Pinuccia’s parents have gone to stay with her aunt for a week, before coming back for a few more days with us. Although even in this week, it looks like we might be getting some more guests on Saturday night. A representative of the school in India that the Sunday School supports will be coming, and he might need hospitality the night before. There will also be the end of year recital for the Sunday School that day (even though there is about another month of lessons to go, but we thought that we would take up the opportunity of the representative’s presence), which also means the public debut of another one of the songs that I have written for the children, and a video that goes along with it. In the afternoon there is also a church service at Rovereto, so it is going to be a busy weekend again.

Relaxing with church and family

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Although there has been good warm weather for a while now, as there was the annual church meeting last month, today was the first time that we could hold our monthly church lunch at the park this year. I find that they are some of the more enjoyable church activities, as we relax, and talk and play together. And of course we eat well also! Although it is a bit difficult with two small children, as needing to keep track of and follow them both reduces the possibilities of talking with others. This time there was a few extra people, since they was a visit from Open Doors, and about a dozen people came from church in Alto Adige, the part of Italy between us and Austria.

It has in fact been a relaxing, family orientated week end. Apart from the fact that my in-laws are here, there was a public holiday on Friday, so Pinuccia and Stefania were at home, and we took the opportunity to all go to the circus together. Tomorrow the teachers at Stefania’s school have a trade union meeting, so we will all be together in the morning. Then we have to take Daniele to the hospital in the early afternoon for a post operation check up (although he is still fine). Apart from that, it will be more visitors time, with the director of ECM Australia staying for 3 days, and then Pinuccia’s aunt, uncle and some cousins visiting on Sunday.