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Daniele’s operation

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Daniele arrived at the hospital at 7.30am, was in the operating theatre at 8.30, and then left the hospital at 5.30. The surgeon discovered that the problem was not an undiscended testicle, but the testicle did not exist at all. So he just removed the tissue that should have made it, fixed the another, and Daniele will go through life with only one. But he reacted and recovered well. He had already woken up from the anesthetic when they took him book to Pinuccia after the operation, and after a couple of drips was eating and running around with his usual energy. And now, tonight, he seems just normal; we just have to be a bit careful around that region of his body for a week. Thanks for all your prayers for this.

Daniele’s operation

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Main prayer point this week: Daniele’s operation which is due on Tuesday morning (European time). Pray that it will actually happened this time, that he doesn’t get sick or there are other unexpected obstacles like the other times. It will actually be a bit easier to organise this time, because Pinuccia’s parents are staying with us (the third lot of relatives in the past month), so that we can leave Stefania in bed whilst I drive Pinuccia and Daniele to the hospital, and then get back in time to wake up Stefania to go to school.

Sunday School work

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

Today the Sunday School kept me busy. It was my turn to do the lesson for the middle class, so that kept me out of the second half of the service. But I also had to do some videoing of a song that we will use at the end of year presentation. So in the first half of the service I was with the youngest and middle classes, playing the keyboard, running the video camera and recording the audio on my computer at the same time. This all meant quite a load to carry into church and to set up. Then after the service we invited the middle class to our house for lunch, and in the afternoon did some more recording and videoing. So now I have quite a bit of video editing to do to put all the pieces together.

Daniele must have figured out that his operation is coming up, because he promptly got sick and has had a fever for the last three days. The operation is still 10 days away, so it should pass and he should be well enough by the time it is due to take place.

Reports from abroad

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

At last night’s Bible study, we had reports from two of our travellers who had come back to Trento this week. One was the lady who God had prepared to work with the Chinese people at Trento – see this post for the original story. Last month she was in Hong Kong, but also went to China to visit her priest friend, where she also ended up talking to a group of 40 university students about the Gospel. As she said last night, if someone had said to her 4 years ago that she would be teaching the Bible at Trento and evangelising university people in mainland China, both in Mandarin (which she didn’t know), she would have laughed at the suggestion. But God has prepared her to do wonderful things for him. The other person was one of a group of 8 people from the church who went to a big European youth missionary conference (about 6000 people) in Germany over Easter. Since she has only been a Christian for a year, it was a big change for her after just being involved in the church at Trento, and in some Italian GBU meetings.

The other news, which I will remind you about again later, is that Daniele has been booked in for his operation again (our fourth attempt), and it should be on the 28th. So today he had his pre-operation blood tests, and next week will be check by the anesthetist.

Easter together

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

With Pinuccia and Stefania having Easter holidays from last Thursday until next Wednesday, with my parents visiting at the moment, and with fewer commitments in church and in the band, it has been very much a time with the family lately. We are making a few day trips out together, a few nights out, and Pinuccia and I even managed to get a night out by ourselves for our anniversary (although the children did wake up whilst we were out, and then gave an interesting evening to my parents). So all up it has been a good and different time.

Next week it is back to the usual commitments, with two Bible studies and a band practice for me, the ladies’ meeting for Pinuccia, and on Saturday afternoon another bookstall at Rovereto. By the way, Suzanne Bikker did get an apartment last week, and it was just what she was looking for.

New workers – at last

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

Today, after our usual monthly lunch together after church, we held our annual church meeting. Some of the meeting was for such matters as approving the budget, but it was also an opportunity to update the members on some of the projects and vision. One of these was the official announcement of a new missionary coming to work with the church. Which means that now I am able to mention and talk about it here.

I first had contact with Suzanne Bikker about 4 years ago, through European Christian Mission; she was interested in working in this part of Italy. We decided that it would be best for her to go through Bible school first, and in order to learn Italian and get to know the Italian church and culture at the same time, she went to a Bible school at Rome. She finishes her third and final year in June, and during this time we have kept in contact and talked about Trento. The church made a proposal to her at the end of last year, and a couple of months ago she decided to come here. Since she is at Trento in these days to look for accommodation, and there was the annual meeting, we thought it was a good time to make an official announcement and welcome for her. Her main ministry will be at Rovereto, where she will be living, and we pray that she will have a big impact on the church planting work there. She will also be involved in some other ministries at Trento, which we have to decide upon together with the church. She will be moving here in July, and then beginning work in September, after the summer break.

This is the answer to about 14 years of prayer, by me and by others. It was back in 1995 that we first thought of our church planting vision in the rest of the province of Trento, but realised that we needed the help of other church planting missionaries in order to fulfil it. So I have often asked for prayer for such missionaries; finally, in God’s timing, one is coming. It will also mean a bit of a change in my ministry. As well as the ministry I am already involved in, I will be the “team leader” for Suzanne, meeting with her regularly to help her in her ministry, especially as she learns about church planting in another culture. So pray for our time together, that we can be a good team and help each other in our respective ministries to help the church. And keep praying for more church planting missionaries as well, even if it takes another 14 years.