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More snow and guests

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

It is certainly a snowy winter this year – there have been more snowfalls than I can ever remember, even though for the most part they have been fairly light. Although heavy enough to disrupt quite a bit of my activities. So this week band practice on Friday and a bookstall at Rovereto on Saturday did not go ahead, and Pinuccia also ran into a snow storm as she drove home from the Monday night Bible study group. There is more rain and/or snow forecast on Monday night, so hopefully it will not disrupt our getting to the hospital for Daniele’s operation on Tuesday.

Apart from the snow, this also seems to be the time for guests. We had a friend from Australia staying for 4 days this week, who is the second of four visitors who will be sleeping here in the course of a month. It is good to have the opportunity to show hospitality to all these people!

Back to work

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

It was back to normal work this week – even to the extent that the Rovereto Bible study got cancelled again, as two of the members were away. On the other hand, the Wednesday night group grew with a new member (actually two, but one was a transfer from another group). So it is getting close to the usual maximum size, which the other two groups at Trento have already gone over. As well, on Thursday the ladies’ Bible study (that Pinuccia leads, although this month someone else did the study) had a record attendance of twenty women.

The other news is that Daniele’s operation has been scheduled for January 27th, so hopefully it will happen at the third attempt.

At home

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

We are back are Trento again, after a 32 hour trip. However we took it slowly on purpose, to make it easier for the children, who were in fact very good while travelling. The portable DVD player is a great invention! The time in Sicily was good, with the usual round of visits, meals, and get togethers. We even got to go to the beach once. Now there is all the unpacking and catching up on accumulated work to do, and I have to try to finish the lesson for the Sunday School tomorrow as well. I hope by Monday, when Pinuccia and Stefania restart school, to be able to get back to my usual patterns of work. Then the Bible studies for me start up again on Tuesday.