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Pinuccia’s work

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Pinuccia went this morning to the meeting that assigned the various available jobs to the relief teachers, and got the second last one going. So this year she will be working two and half hours a day in the afternoon in a small town on the other side of Trento, starting on Monday. It could have been a bit longer, but it is pretty close to what she was hoping to receive. We are still working out exactly what it will mean for my usual day (especially as Stefania will have a gradual start to pre-school, with only 1.5 hours a day next week, gradually building up to a full time 8.5 hours a day from the 22nd), but probably like last year I will be looking after the children in the afternoon (including picking up Stefania and doing the shopping, although without a car), and in the morning doing Bible study preparation and other work (with less interruptions than in the mornings last year, now that Pinuccia will have to look after only one child instead of two).

In the meantime, we are working hard on getting Stefania ready to start school on Monday, especially getting her toilet trained and speaking some Italian (she understands it, but prefers to speak in English). I doubt either task will be completed by next week, so she should make life interesting for her teachers.

On (kind of) holidays

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Maybe it is not quite holidays, since there are a lot of things to do around the house, and small projects (like my tax return and making a family video of our time in Australia) that I want to wrap up before the church and school commitments start up, but it is a nice break to have. We have managed to get to the lake once, and will have another trip in the next couple of days. Although with both the dishwasher and the washing machine breaking down during our absence, we are having to organise such trips around visits to get them repaired. We also took Daniele for his one year check up, and whilst two of his problems at birth fixed themselves, the third (an undescended testicle) has not, so surgery will probably be necessary in a few weeks’ time. But first he will have an ultrasound to see the exact extent of the problem, so more on that later.

Although my church commitments have not restarted yet, the band practices began last night, so I got to see my friends there for the first time in a while. We went of course to church on Sunday as well. There are still a lot of people missing there, whom we will see again in the next couple of weeks as they return from holidays, although there were also a few new people to meet.

Back in Italy

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

After 36 hours from door to door, we arrived back home yesterday afternoon. The trip went fairly well, apart from Daniele vomiting a bit just after taking off from Singapore (due to a virus he already had) and the video on demand non working for a long time on the Singapore-Europe leg (which made it harder to keep Stefania – as well as her parents – amused). Stefania went wild over all her toys which she was reacquainted with when we returned – she would get excited about one, play with it for 5 minutes, then see another and get excited about that, and so on. I might take a while to adjust to being back: when I went shopping to get some provisions, I managed to drive on the wrong side of the road, speak to someone in English, and forget my card’s PIN number when I tried to pay.

Now we can have a bit of a rest, after being very busy the last few months, although there are quite a few bureaucratic and other things we have to do as well. Then at the beginning of September it is back to work for Pinuccia and me, and school for Stefania.

On our way

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Today we had our last deputation meeting of this trip, so now we are hard at work with the packing. Our goods have multiplied somewhat since we were here, so it is looking a bit difficult to fit everything into our bags. Anyway, we will be leaving a bit after noon tomorrow to catch the plane at 4pm, and if everything goes well (like no mechanical problems for Qantas) we should be home about midnight on Tuesday Australian time. So pray for the trip again, that it goes as well as the trip to Australia a few months ago.

Towards the end

Monday, August 11th, 2008

We have moved, celebrated and had a few more meetings now. There is only one more meeting in which we have to speak now, although I do have a trip to Canberra on Wednesday to return my borrowed car and a trip to Katoomba for the Reachout missionary convention on Saturday. But it is a more relaxed week generally speaking, which is good for us all after all the activities that we have had lately. Although I am sure that things will start to get hectic again towards the end of the week as we start thinking about packing.

A nice break in Queensland

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

We have come back now from our trip to Queensland. It was a relaxing time, and a nice change from all the deputation meetings that we have been doing lately (although we did do one on the journey back). There was some good time with my relatives there, and the warm Queensland winter was great for going to the beach, which always pleases Pinuccia (who would usually spend a lot of this time of year at the beach near her house in Sicily) and the children. The only negative point was Daniele catching a virus (which he then spread to Stefania, me and my aunt) with cold like symptoms. At least since he was worse at night, but reasonably OK during the day, we didn’t have to miss out doing anything, except that only I went to church with my aunt. On the other hand, I realised that “holidays” in the sense of just doing nothing aren’t possible any more, at least not for a while. There is always a lot of work involved in organising a family of two children to do anything. I know those of you who are parents know this already, but I am learning these things late in life. But when it is a joy to do things for the children, and find things that they will like to do, then it is still an enjoyable holiday, even if in a different way.

Now it is but to being busy again, with a couple of people to meet in town today (Thursday), then moving house from the mission centre to my parents’ house tomorrow. This is also Daniele’s first birthday, so in the evening there is a family party for him (and for my brother’s birthday a few days later). Then we go to Newcastle for the weekend to meet up with a few friends there, followed by two deputation meetings back in Sydney on Monday.