Fellowship on the holiday

Yesterday was a public holiday (just as in Australia), and we took the opportunity to go to Bologna (240 km south of here) for the annual meeting with the other seven churches of an association that the church at Trento belongs to. There were about 40 from the church present, which is the most we have ever had go to such a meeting, and a few hundred in all. Not being too keen on leaving before 7am with the children, we actually decided to leave later, and with the holiday traffic we arrived a lot later, just after 1pm. But the meeting was running even later, so we got there just in time for lunch with everybody. Then there was another meeting after lunch, after which we took the opportunity to visit Pinuccia’s relatives who live at a nearby town – especially since one of Pinuccia’s cousins had just had his first child, and another had just become pregnant. They were all at a park with their church, so we managed to drop in for some more fellowship there. Then after dinner with the family, it was back home after midnight.

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