Women and youth

There were a couple of special meetings at the end of last week. On Friday evening there was the monthly ladies’ study. This time it was Pinuccia’s turn to give the study. This meant that I stayed at home with the children, although it was one of the easiest evenings ever – Daniele went to sleep soon after 8pm and was never heard from again until the following morning, and Stefania was quite tired and went to sleep quickly as well, so I even got some time to myself before Pinuccia got home to prepare the leading of the church service on Sunday.
On Saturday night there was no youth group meeting, as the teenagers had organised a party and dance for the youth, the young adults, and some of the youth from churches at Padua and Vicenza. So we went there for a couple of hours, before we had to leave to take the children home. I think that of all the people there, Stefania was the keenest dancer of all of them!

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