More sickness and English

Daniele and I did not hold out much longer after my last post: Daniele got a fever a Sunday night, and I got the other symptoms of this type of laryngitis on Monday. I seem to get sick a lot more often with two children, although at least I did not get a fever this time, like the other three did, just a sore throat and blocked nose. And tiredness as the children aren’t sleeping well, which means that neither do the parents. I did manage to go the group at Rovereto on Tuesday, but I skipped the Wednesday night meeting as there was a good chance of losing totally my voice at that stage. Pinuccia took the first two days of the week off work to recover from the last of her symptoms, and we have made a couple of visits to doctors and pharmacies since then. Since Stefania has had a fever for a week now, the doctor suggested she take some antibiotics now, so tonight will be the first time that she takes them. Daniele has another couple of days before his antibiotics start if the fever does not stopped. They are both feeling a bit better today, but certainly are not healed.

The other news is that Pinuccia has started an English course on Thursday evenings (it actually started last week, when we were in Spain), that someone in our church who teaches English in high schools has started for others in the church and friends. Since we will be going to Australia in less than two months, it will be a brief course for Pinuccia, but a quick course will help her before our trip. It is just after her work, not too far away from her school in the town centre, so it works out fairly well for her. And I get to prepare dinner for the children and myself, and I leave her something for when she gets home at about 8.30.

In all this, Thursday was also our fourth anniversary. Not a very enjoyable anniversary, but as Pinuccia said it was “unforgettable”.

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