Back from Spain

On a boat in SpainWe came back this afternoon from our week at the ECM biennial conference in Spain. Every conference lately for me has been different, going by myself six years ago, on my honeymoon four years ago, then with a six month old baby, and this time with two small children. So this time there were less opportunities to meet and talk with other missionaries. On the other hand, it was a good opportunity to spend more time and doing different things with the family than usual. Pinuccia in particular enjoyed the extra time caused by not having to cook or clean. Stefania had a good time in the creche each day, and started a bit to play with the other children. Daniele opened up a bit during the week – he has always started crying when a stranger gets too close to him, but now he has started to accept being held by others. He also celebrated his first plane trip last Saturday with his second tooth. So a couple of times it gave him a bit of pain, but thankfully it didn’t affect him much and certainly not as much as Stefania’s teeth did. Spiritually, there were some good talks which helped us to reflect on our commitment to God and how we can best serve the church at Trento. The main talks were in Spanish and translated in English, and between the two languages Pinuccia could understand the talks, which made it easier for me as I did not have to do a simultaneous translation.

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