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Fewer studies and more computer

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

With a church singing practice and praise night on Wednesday instead of the cell group, and some else running a prayer meeting in the group next Monday, I do have a bit less to prepare at the moment. I thought I would be busier, because since there is the first of the Spring season of concerts on Sunday, there have been some extra practices to get ready, so I lost my usual night off (Tuesday) to go to that. But on Thursday, after losing some people due to sickness and others studying for an exam, there was only one person and no house for the Rovereto group, so I get my night off back in that way. I have thus been able to catch up on some computer work, especially with the Operation World site, getting to grips with how the site works and entering some data. (There was a change of server at the same time as when I joined the group, which meant that there is a backlog of a month of work to do.) I will be kept busy on Sunday however: I will be leading to service, then there is the annual church meeting immediately afterwards. Since Lavis has it’s annual town fair that day, there will be a lot of traffic around so it will be slow to get back home – in fact we might not even be able to get the car out of our street, so we may be taking the local train to church. Then at 2pm the band has a concert in town, and after that I will be helping out at the band’s stall at the fair until closing time, helping then to dismantle it.

Not a normal Sunday

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

We had a little adventure today. Just as we got out of the door to go to church, we realised that we had both forgotten our keys – with the better weather now we had both changed coats and left the keys in the other one. So we were locked out of our house, and also out of the garage so there was no car or stroller either. Fortunately we were able to call on the help of a friend from church who lives nearby, and who was not going to the service since both he and his wife were sick. So Pinuccia and Stefania were able to stay at his house and talk with the wife, whilst he and I got the fire brigade to come. Pinuccia always opens a few doors and windows to air the house, but today of all days she didn’t. However the door on to the balcony from my office doesn’t shut properly, so to cut a long story short the firemen climbed up two floors to our balcony and then pushed the door open, without having to break down any doors or smash any windows. And by noon we were all back in the house, ready for the guests that we had invited to lunch. It was a good way to meet the neighbours, there hasn’t been so much excitement in our cul-de-sac for a long time and they all came out to ask what was happening.

It’s a boy!

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

Pinuccia has just come back from a visit to her gynacologist. This time she went by herself, as it was at 9am and we didn’t want to wake Stefania, who in fact achieved her personal best of sleeping in until 11.15 – the result of keeping her up until half past midnight whilst we went to the concert. Anyway, the ultrasound showed that Pinuccia is excepting a boy, which after a girl was naturally our preference. It looks like the church tradition (of more than 90% girls) has been broken, as another pregnant lady due in July is also expecting a male. The third lady expecting in July, who already has three daughters, will be happy if this new pattern keeps up. Now to start thinking about names…

A special night out

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

About a month ago I saw that one of the most famous Italian singers of the 70s and 80s (although he is still regularly making records and appearing on TV) was coming to Trento – Claudio Baglioni if you are interested. Since he is Pinuccia’s favourite singer, the concert was a Tuesday (my free night) and just a couple of weeks after her birthday, I got a couple of tickets to take her out as a surprise. She knew we would be going out, but the destination was a secret; unfortunately she figured it out because there was too much advertising around for the concert. So last night we went, and Pinuccia really enjoyed herself, as many of the songs brought back memories of her youth in Sicily. Every now and again I looked at her and she seemed to be a teenager again as she sang along. Number 2 seemed to enjoy the concert as well, the sound kept him or her awake the whole time, and occasionally she or he would kick along in time with the music.

Four studies and relatives

Friday, March 9th, 2007

This week it happened that my turn came up to lead the study in all three cell groups (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday) and also for the Youth Group on Saturday. At least I am free on Sunday for the service. However, since I am ahead on the preparation of the studies (except for the youth), it usually means only about an hour in the morning going over the study again – although I haven’t been able to do as much preparation for future studies as I would have liked. Also because Tuesday, which is usually my evening off, became a day off, as we went to Modena two hours south of here to visit some of Pinuccia’s relatives. But it is always an enjoyable visit to make.

On the ice and behind the camera

Sunday, March 4th, 2007

On Saturday the Youth Group had it’s monthly social event, and Gloria and I took them ice skating whilst Pinuccia prepared a light meal for us on our return. Then we started working on our end of school year project. The Sunday School does a drama and a couple of songs at the beginning of June each year, with a report on what they did during the year. Last year, the first year of this group of teenagers, we made a magazine with a description of some of the studies and other events of the group. This year will decided to make a video. Since we are going through the Gospel of Luke, we decided to film a few of the stories that we have read, with another story around them – Marta and Maria are contestants in a game show, and as they answer questions they remember what Jesus said or did in certain situations. Most of the script is written (the teenagers wrote the skits from the Bible stories, although I did the game show part to bring it all together), and on Saturday we filmed the first two stories. They really had a fun time doing it, although there were a lot of outtakes as they kept giggling and hitting people as they opened doors – so I will make an outtake film as well of all the mistakes.

In church today we had the usual lunch after the service, after which there were also some meetings. Pinuccia met with all the Sunday School teachers (as she is in charge of the Sunday School) to see how things are going, and to start preparing their end of year presentation. At the same time, there was a presentation of a course that will start next week for new Christians in the church, on the basics of the Christian faith, so you could pray for that as well.

Another week of studies

Friday, March 2nd, 2007

I have finished my studies for the week now, although today I will be finishing the preparation of next Wednesday’s study on John 14. (In the post yesterday was the most recent book of the GBU publishing house, the translation of Kruse’s commentary on John in the Tyndale series, so now I will have to have a look through that to see what it says as well.) On Monday night there was a good prayer meeting – they don’t usually prayer that well as a group (at least not aloud), but on Monday they prayed a lot better than usual. As I have done in a few groups this year, I took a few countries from the new Italian translation of Operation World, and every two or three persons in the group had to pray for one country. They were all surprised by something that they read about their country; it was thus also a help in creating more globally aware Christians. On Thursday night there was the cell group leaders’ coordination meeting that I lead. For the second time in a row, after giving information from the church to the cell groups and then hearing about the state of the groups, there was not any time for the training part. I’ll have to do it differently next time (in April), and start with the training and discussion on how to improve the groups, and then do the coordination.