For my Australian readers Christmas is past by now, but here it is still going, although we are into the rest and winding down stage now. My activities started on Christmas Eve afternoon, when the band played at the local retirement home, then did a march through town with a hundred people following and the fire brigade giving light, ending up with a few carols in one of the town squares. Two and a half hours outside in the cold was hard going, but it was appreciated by the populace. My parents took some good photos, but they are still on their camera, so you’ll have to wait until my next newsletter to see them.

Then there were a couple of hours at home to get changed and have dinner, before going to the church Christmas Eve service. There were about half the people that usually come to a service, as many were away visiting family and a few were sick, but it was a good time, especially as the children read some of the prayers that they had written for the occasional.

For Christmas Day lunch, as well as my parents we kept the family tradition going (which means it was the third time), and invited the family-less people we knew as well. It was a good time together, but the highlight was Stefania starting to walk whilst we ate, taking quite a few steps by herself to get around. Although now that she has had a nap and woken up again, it seems that she has forgotten how to walk again!

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