Another busy week-end

…at least from Saturday afternoon, when the Youth Group met at our house. Gloria spoke on her mission trip to Senegal in October. In fact, there was a bit of a mission emphasis for the weekend, as she also spoke at the Sunday School during church, and there was a visit from Open Doors at the service as well. After the Youth Group we quickly fed Stefania and then went out to a pizza and film night with the Monday cell group – partly as an end of year activity, partly so that those who hadn’t seen the film Luther could see it, before we invite our friends to see it with us on January 20th. Then on Sunday morning there was of course the church service, then soon after lunch I went back to Trento to do a shift at the book stall that the church was holding in the city centre, where many passed doing their Christmas shopping or visiting the Christmas markets. I had a few interested people in my two hours there, including an English Christian student studying at the university for a year. Then it was back home for an hour and a half for dinner and to get changed, before leaving for the band’s Christmas concert. Being a small town, it is a smaller concert than that of Trento (maybe 200 people, out of a population of less than 8000 for the town and its surrounding villages), but it has a more informal, friendly and joking atmosphere (including the band falling asleep during one of the pieces).

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