Meetings for the mission

On Monday afternoon the ECM Field Ministries Director came to visit, and then on Tuesday we travelled together to Milan for the ECM-Italy Field Council meeting, so it was a good long time for talking about various ECM matters, both in Italy and in Europe. And the meeting went well discussing some issues, hearing how all the different missionaries are going, and hearing some good news from the group near Milan, that after 20 years have finally had some breakthroughs in their church planting work. To me it sounded similar to what I said about Rovereto in the previous message – the “right time” had arrived. Due to some problems with one of my trains on the way back, I got home 40 minutes later than usual, which Pinuccia was happy about – it meant I had to miss the band practice that night, so we had a bonus night together at home. Although later on in the evening another friend came to stay the night with us.

Today we will have to get ourselves packed and organised to leave at about 8.30am tomorrow morning for the conference in southern Italy. Pinuccia will be going to work as well in the afternoon, and it is her turn to go out this evening to the church’s leaders training meeting, whilst I stay home to look after Stefania and try to get her to go to sleep.

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