A busy Sunday, and the “right time”

First of all of course there was church, after which there was the usual lunch together for the first Sunday of the month. We left there a bit early for a 45 minute drive down to Arco, a town near Lake Garda, where the band marched around the Christmas markets playing a few songs and being present at a few ceremonies. Having Stefania with me certainly helped to get to know the rest of the band; a few people spoke to me for the first time, having a baby is always such a good ice breaker. Then it was 6pm by the time we got back. It is time to rest now, especially for Pinuccia, who didn’t feel too well in the two car trips (maybe I went around the corners and up and down the mountains a bit fast). I think however that I will be working tonight, finishing the preparation of the study for tomorrow night. In fact it will be a busy as week: as well as the usual commitments, tomorrow afternoon one of the ECM leaders comes to visit, then on Tuesday we will travel together to Milan for a meeting of the Italian ECM missionaries, and then on Friday the whole family will go (with 15 other people in the church) to Pescara, 600 km to the south, for a conference where Don Carson will be speaking.

Sometimes it is clear when it is just the “right time” to do something; that is how it is feeling with the work at Rovereto at the moment. This morning in church there was yet another new couple from Rovereto (she is from Peru, and arrived there this week; he has always lived there but is not a Christian). Pray that they will in fact come to the next meeting of the group (the 15th), which they were invited to, and that this group will continue to grow and one day become a new church.

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